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Ligne Maison VermontIntroducing the Vermont line

After several years of R&D, ECOxIA decided to check the actual performance of its solution. The aim was not to create a building outside the norm, but to validate the structural design, its cost, its time and its qualities, especially from an energy point of view.

A 100sqm-building has been installed in Yerres (91) in late 2012. It is equipped with numerous sensors to follow its behaviour. The measured results are already excellent, and this experience has helped to further improve our technology which became the Smart Building Envelope.

The Vermont House demonstrates our expertise in materials, prefabrication and energy efficiency:

  • First modular 100% timber frame home
  • The first positive energy house with only 30m² of solar panels
  • First passive house 100% electrical
  • A carbon footprint building divided by 2 compared to a traditional house


   They visited the Vermont House:


Farida A., Architect  
« The carbon free house thanks to the Smart Building Envelope, designed by a smart team »
Benoît C.  
« Inventive technology that results in a beautiful concept , volume and comfort » 
Claude M., Architect    
« Sincere admiration for the concept and the results »
Rémi P., Architect    
« Brilliant, well done. In the tone of today's society »
Julien P.    
« Very nice concept. I can imagine myself living in it »
Cédric F.    
« Home that fulfils its promises and very pleasant to live in »
Olivier R.    
« Well thought out and perfectly realized. We feel good in the house ECOxIA »
Brigitte C.    
« Comfort, cutting-edge technology. A beautiful and ecological living space; to be continued… »
Sophie H., Architect    
« A timber frame structure, low energy consumption. I also liked natural light and volumes  »
John P., Sustainable Development Expert    
« A real solution for people who want to engage in the ecological transition »