Smart Building Envelope (SBE)

Technology : ecology, comfort and savings

Maison Ecoxia connectée et communique avec ses habitants par internet

Our mission is to help professionals build better while respecting their prerogatives and architectural freedom. Our solution is a building structure which brings together all the complex and risky components of a very energy efficient building. The Smart Building Envelope innovates in design, production, distribution and the use of buildings of tomorrow.

Why can we call our solution a Smart Building Envelope?

Intelligence is often defined by the ability to adapt to its environment or to solve a problem. ECOxIA’s envelope :
•    is intended to adapt to each local situation
•    is designed to maximize solar gain in winter and to block it in summer
•    is connected and communicates with its residents through the Internet
•    includes all the items related to the energy performance in one single solution
•    the concept also is smart because it is multi-function, high-performing and customizable
•    finally, the implementation is also smart because it improves safety, speed of construction, certainty of results and value for money.

  Thanks to the Smart Building Envelope, you can build the buildings of tomorrow today!