Smart Building Envelope (SBE)

Implementation : Prefabrication for Sustainable Development

The Smart Building Envelope is prepared offsite and installed in a few days on the job site. This is the only way to control the quality and costs.

It is also an important guarantee of eco-construction: by increasing the level of prefabrication, risks and hazards are limited (work accidents, noise pollution, waste recycling, grey energy due to transportation...).

ECOxIA’s bearing structure of its envelope is made out of wood, as this material has the triple advantage of being environmentally friendly, to avoid thermal bridges and to allow off-site prefabrication. Our wood is eco-certified.

The quality of our design being demonstrated, how do we ensure the quality of implementation?

1. ECOxIA design integrates the simplicity of manufacture and assembly of the components of the SBE
2. ECOxIA selected industrial partners for their know -how, tools and values
3. ECOxIA has an ongoing quality control system

  Our integrated approach guarantees an optimal solution, delivered « Plug & Play »

Enveloppe intelligente d'Ecoxia - enveloppe constructive bois à isolation répartie et à air conditionné