Smart Building Envelope (SBE)

Design : energy efficiency as a priority

The Smart Building Envelope is designed as a complete system. It ensures the energy efficiency, the low environmental footprint and the comfort of the future building. The overall approach allows to control the costs.

The SBE thus incorporates the rules of bioclimatism, which impacts the architecture of the building (compactness), orientation, amount and distribution of windows. The SBE is developed to respect the standards of the international passive label. The ultimate energy efficiency is achieved by working on:
•    The quality of walls : thermal resistance, thermal bridges , dew point ...
•    The performance and quality of installation of the windows
•    The airtightness
•    Double-flow ventilation with heat recovery

The SBE is a solar thermal collector, which also addresses environmental impact, sustainability, comfort and cost control. With such a systematic approach, you have the solution to offer exceptional homes at a reasonable premium.

  The Smart Building Envelope gathers all the key components for Passive and Positive Energy Buildings

Enveloppe intelligente d'Ecoxia - système complet respectant les règles du bioclimatisme