Ecoxia Vermont House in Yerres / Night view

ECOxIA® is an engineering company, specialized in timber frame construction and energy performance. The company was founded in 2009 by men and women enthusiastic about the idea of designing the habitat of the 21st century. Environmentally friendly, comfortable and economical, modern buildings must be energy efficient at first, because it is the main vector of the global energy transition.

ECOxIA’s mission is to democratize passive and positive energy buildings (PlusEnergy).

Our vision to achieve our goals is based on a systemic approach, offsite prefabrication and working with professionals who share our approach.

After several years of R&D, ECOxIA inaugurated in 2013 its first line of houses, called Vermont.
This is a unique house, internationally acclaimed for its construction process, energy performance and comfort level.

Based on this experience, ECOxIA invented the profession of Envelope Maker®
in charge of all the issues related to energy efficiency.
Thanks to the Envelope Maker, you can focus on your traditional missions, and do not have to worry about building passive..

  ECOxIA is the solution to builders to erect low-carbon buildings,
  serving the residents and the environment.