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 Critt Bois, partenaire d'Ecoxia          La Maison Passive, partenaire d'Ecoxia          ZEMCH NETWORK, partenaire d'Ecoxia
Certified Technology Resource Centre, we have been partnering with CRITT Bois since 2009 Member of the French Passive House Association since 2012, ECOxIA relies on the European Label which prepares the 2020 regulations for Zero Energy Buildings and Positive Energy Buildings International Association of energy efficiency, prefabrication and high level of customization experts (Zero Energy Mass Custom Homes)
www.crittbois.com www.lamaisonpassive.fr www.zemch.org


 Mines Paris, ParisTech, partenaire d'Ecoxia         SFR Jeunes Talents, partenaire d'Ecoxia          BPI France, partenaire d'Ecoxia 
The School of Mines in Paris and its ISIGE Master share with ECOxIA their vision of tomorrow's housing Winner of “SFR Jeunes Talents” prize in 2014, ECOXIA has been collaborating with SFR on the topic of connected home automation OSEO, which became BPI France, supports ECOxIA in financing its innovation program since 2010
www.isige.mines-paristech.fr groupe.sfr.fr www.bpifrance.fr