SBE : dream and facts


 ECOxIA équipementier de l’éco-construction

Building on its successful experience with the Vermont house, ECOxIA has developed the Smart Building Envelope, SBE, which complies with the latest regulations and above, reaching the level of Positive Energy Buildings and the international Passive label.

ECOxIA is a supplier of eco-construction, like an OEM. Our concept of the Smart Building Envelope brings together in a single package all the items that have an impact on the energy performance. ECOxIA thus brings you an exclusive solution to offer low-carbon buildings, from construction to operations.

You remain in control of the other dimensions of the constructive project and we count on your professionalism to achieve the remaining construction tasks/lots and provide solutions essential to any building project (land, permits, financing, etc.).


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  RT 2012 RT/Effinergie + Passive label PHI ECOxIA
Set Temperature
19°C 19°C 20°C 20°C
Sought energy performance
<  50 kWhpe/sqm.y
(regulatory calculation)
<  40 kWhpe/sqm.y
(regulatory calculation)
<  120 kWhpe/sqm.y
(consumption prediction)
heating power requested < 10W/sqm
<  40 kWhpe/sqm.y (regulatory calculation)
<  120 kWhpe/sqm.y
(regulatory calculation)
Consumption items considered
Hot water, heating, cooling, lighting and related Hot water, heating, cooling, lighting and related All consumptions All consumptions
Reference surface
Air tightness (individual house)
Q4  <  0,6/h Q4  <  0,6/h Q4  <  0,15/h Q4  <  0,15/h
Other requirements
None None Heating < 15 kWh/sqm.y According to the desired label
Wall insulation (m2.K/W) Rwalls > 5
Rfloor > 7
Rwalls > 6
Rfloor > 8
Rwalls > 7
Rfloor > 9
Rwalls > 8
Rfloor > 9
Windows Double glazing
Uw < 1,5 W/sqm.K
Double glazing
Uw < 1,2 W/sqm.K
Triple glazing
Uw < 0,8 W/sqm.K
Triple glazing
Uw < 0,8 W/sqm.K
Ventilation At least single flow Double flow Double flow Double flow
Recours aux Energies renouvelables (EnR) Symbolique Obligatoire Recommandé De série : ECS thermodynamique
Option : solaire thermique, PV, cogénération
Heating system High performing High performing Air system Air system
Other systems Energy meters Energy meters None Connected house
Eco-construction None None None Timber frame, prefabrication, short construction time

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The Smart Building Envelope includes :

Still to be performed on site by the developer :
Bioclimatic and ecological building design Preliminary studies, planning permit
The bearing and insulated structure : floors, walls, roof Foundations (to be done during the manufacture of the Smart Building Envelope)
The treatment of thermal bridges and airtightness
Roofing/sealing (to be programmed during the installation of the Envelope)
Triple glazed windows, installed in passive quality Landscaping, networks, the facade (cladding, coating...)
Dual flow Automated Ventilation with heat recovery Flooring
The solution for heating and production of hot water Plumbing and electricity
Remotely operable shutters Lining and partition walls (a box within the box)
Connected home automation solution Interior joinery and furniture (kitchen, bathrooms ...)
All supplied , installed , tested and optimized before the finishing work (sought air tightness η50 < 0.6/h) Decoration: flooring, paint, etc.
Maintenance log and guide (Building Information Modeling) Regulatory certifications
 Actual energy balance of the SBE over 2 years
Consommations et Productions Mensuelles de la maison Vermont d'Ecoxia Consommations électriques mensuelles nettes de la maison Vermont d'Ecoxia
Optimisation de la performance énergétique grâce aux volets roulants et à la domotique
Consommation d'énergie / Gain domotique été