SBE : dream and facts


By requiring ECOxIA for the envelope of your next building, you choose:

  • The best in energy efficiency: a building so well insulated (passive house) that it is easy to produce more energy than consumed (PlusEnergy)
  • A low environmental impact: eco-design , eco-materials , eco-construction, eco-management
  • Comfort that delights all the senses: hydrothermal comfort, natural light, sound insulation, indoor air quality, connected house
  • A reasonable price premium
 EcologieGREEN BUILDING : click to find out more
Energy performance Very low energy consumption The insulation is so effective that the needs for heating and ventilation are lower than 20kWh/sqm.yr or the 2L oil equivalent per sqm per year (Passive).
Easy Positive Energy For a 150 sqm house, 30 sqm of solar panels are sufficient to meet the energy needs of the family.
Environmental footprint    Eco-design Integrated choice of materials, equipment and construction system. Partners trained to our methods and who share our values.
Eco-materials Wood accounts for over 80 % of smart building envelope. This is an environmentally friendly building material, renewable and a carbon well.
Green Building Thanks to factory prefabrication, time on site is short, safe and with low impact (noise, waste, grey energy...).
Preserving biodiversity The SBE is light and self-supporting. Light foundations are sufficient. So it means less concrete and less used sealed soils
Eco-management ECOxIA offers solutions to reduce water consumption, reduce pollutants and facilitate waste sorting.
Sustainable development Green and local craft industry ECOxIA combines industry to meet new technical challenges of building, with local crafting to integrate the local dimension and expectations of customization.
  WELL-BEING : health, comfort, peace of mind, click to know more
Health An envelope which protects from the outside The Smart Building Envelope is made of timber frame boxes with integrated insulation. It protects you from outside , even Radon gas
Perfect indoor air quality « Breathing » of the envelope is ensured by the dual flow ventilation. Indoor air is renewed continuously by filtered fresh outside air. There cannot be any healthier air.
Comfort      Hydrothermal performance : warmth in winter, freshness in summer An even temperature on all the interior walls, even glass (triple glazing). A moisture controlled environment for the comfort of the residents and the durability of the envelope.
External sound insulation The excellent thermal insulation of the smart envelope also provides perfect protection against external noise.
A generous natural light Bioclimatism impact architecture and leads to large windows on the south side of the building. Occultations regulate solar gain depending on days and seasons.
Beautiful interior volumes
Functional habitat, clean and healthy A healthy and tight home, dedicated areas, a continuous renewal of indoor air: there is even less dust in the home!
A secure home and connected The envelope is smart also as it communicates with its inhabitants:  consumption, automated shutters, alarm. Many options complete the home automation base.
Serenity A robust structure ... Our walls are thicker than conventional wood frame, so even more resistant.
... and sustainable Moisture is the main enemy of wood. The envelope is designed without dew point, and ventilation eliminates any risk. Wall lining further improves fire resistance.
Certainty of results The Passive label imposes an obligation of result. Our solution and our quality controls leave no room to chance.
Insurance Our industrial and manufacturing partners share our passion for quality. Our projects are backed by the best insurance of construction.
Architectural freedom The envelope respects the rules of bioclimatism. However, inside and outside decoration remains the customer's choice.
 SAVINGS : when investing or in the long run, click to discover the best value for money
Investment A reasonable premium Our solution involves a premium of about 15% compared to a standard building but ECOxIA means exclusive benefits, environmental protection and savings over time.
Light foundations Our solution is 15 times lighter than masonry building. Our wood floors are self-bearing. No need for a concrete slab and a crawl space is sufficient.
A quick solution The envelope is prepared in a factory during the making of the foundations. The envelope is then installed on site in a few days. It is a huge saving in time.
An optimized resale value The envelope anticipates expected 2020 energy prices and standards. Studies already indicate a higher resale value of 20% for these kind of buildings.
In use Smaller spending, even an energy income The envelope allows the realisation of the most efficient buildings. With a solar solution, the envelope becomes a positive energy building and therefore provides a net energy profit.
A housing designed and built to last The envelope maintains its qualities over time due to the quality of the selected materials. Networks are installed in lining (a box in the box); the envelope is delivered with its maintenance log and digital model (BIM).
The optimal solution in the long term With ECOxIA, you choose optimized welfare for the inhabitants. It is also a very important choice for the environment and to encourage the development of a new green European industry Ecoxia, Fabrication française.