Bioclimatic and high-end buildings

Ecoxia Vermont House in Yerres

If you want to meet the challenges of modern building, you are at the right place.
Energy efficiency, durability, indoor air quality, well-being...
At ECOxIA, we believe that anticipating those expectations is a virtuous and profitable approach in the long term.

You want to build with ecological materials, hence timber frame buildings. You want a house so well insulated (i.e. Passive) that it is easy to turn it positive in energy (PlusEnergy). You want to offer the best in comfort and quality, but you don’t know how to manage the related risks and the additional costs?

ECOxIA has developed the building solution that combines ecology, comfort and savings.

The Smart Building Envelope® (S.B.E.) makes easy and affordable what is still uncertain and expensive without it. Technical Building structure installed in a few days on your foundation, the SBE is at the pinnacle of the energy efficiency in the green building.
The SBE provides also comfort of all the senses: hydrothermal well-being, acoustic, natural light, healthy indoor air, connected home.
Once installed, you just have to magnify the SBE into an exceptional and exemplary building.

More than a passive building structure, the Smart Building Envelope by ECOxIA.

Ecoxia : le BEPos maîtrisé Ecoxia : un clos-ouvert passif dans la journée Ecoxia : la maison connectée
PlusEnergy because Prefabricated A Passive Structure in a Day Your connected envelope

Innovation in the green building

To offer both high-end benefits and affordability, our smart envelope (SBE) is an innovation in design, process and marketing.


Technology and Sustainable Development

The wooden structure allows the prefabrication of the SBE, which is the best way to improve quality and carbon footprint. Technology supports ecology and serenity.

PlusEnergy made easy

Thanks to its bioclimatic and passive features, the SBE’s consumption is so low that it can be balanced with a reasonable amount of solar panels.

Designed around the inhabitants

With ECOxIA around, you offer the best in green building, health, comfort and value for money. This is the smart building envelope.